Chilling with the Bushman

Thanks to Moshang for use of Smoke from Chill Dynasty.

Well it was a really nice blogger meetup in Hukou, Taiwan hosted by MJ and HuiChen Klein. They were very gracious hosts and I got to meet Todd, Andres & Karen, David Reid, David Edwards, Carrie & John, Becky, and Jerry. Already knew Michael T, but big thanks for the hookup and driving. The rest I'll leave to them in their posts here, here, here and here. Here too at the Bushman's smoking new blog.

7 thoughts on “Chilling with the Bushman”

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  4. mark, it was a real pleasure. my wife and cousin both said they really enjoyed chatting with you. next time you are in taipei, give me a shout!

  5. Cool vid and some funky music. If it weren't for previously made plans, I'd have been at this meetup too. Even though I couldn't make it, I did discover your blog from reading the various blog posts about the night, so I've bookmarked you and will be take a good poke around your site later.

  6. So Andres, what you're saying is I fooled them? 🙄 It was really nice meeting all of you as well and I enjoyed chatting with them. Excited for you and Karen about rapidly arriving baby.

    Craig, thanks have been reading your site and enjoying. Hope to meet you at a future one.

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