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Good News and Bad News

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First the bad news: actually pretty minor. I got inspired to get new url for my new business podcast. Played around with many different names for the url and podcast and found one for both. Then quickly jump over to snag CC's Hash 3 discount code for GoDaddy. Well, did get rock bottom price for url (like 7 bucks with discount) but didn't appreciate GoDaddy's hard-sell style website dragging out the process with each screen(at least 5 or 6) and pitching me something else each time. So out of synch with good marketing theory, oh well...

Good news was previewed above. I am going to do a podcast drawing from my over 30 years of sales and marketing in products, services and production. Will incorporate some new media marketing content which to me is a continuation of the guerilla marketing conversation I cut my teeth on. Kudos to many fellow bloggers/podcasters mentioned here recently for inspiration and good info.

The one guy I need to give some text love to is Christopher S. Penn-my new media marketing filter of choice, just look here and enjoy those links. Oh name of podcast is "A" Connector Cast with site to be at http://aconnector.com I think it suits me and gives me something to aspire to: being an "A" grade connector applying myself to the challenge of helping people receive the right contacts, information and material.


  • My guess is that GoDaddy's margins on actual domain sales are very, very small, and where they stay profitable with it is in Wal-Mart economy model -- sell something for a very tiny profit, but sell a metric ton of them and make the profit on volume. Of course, since they're not a public company they don't have to share of that economic data with anyone outside their financiers.

    The high-margin stuff is all the add-on's they try to push at you (the e-mail add-on's, domain "protection" services, auctioning off domains they bought themselves, severely oversold hosting) as well as the ads they placed on parked web pages, since there is almost no overhead involved with these things.

    Honestly, even though they do support some podcasters, I am at the point that when my little swath of domains comes up for renewal I am going to be looking for someone else to registrar them.

    I digress, rapidly as it would seem -- sorry for the commentblogging. Best of luck with the new show! I'll peak in on it when it comes online.

  • Hey Bryce. Yeah don't mind them offering having option listed. I understand the concept of loss-leading getting people into the store and hopefully getting them to buy other higher profit merchandise. Even Walmart doesn't push stuff on you when you are in store. it just has it all around for you to pick up and throw in cart if you choose.

    Please do stop by and listen. Very excited to be producing my own content in this channel.

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