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New Media Invigorates

Key points: new media contacts/connections I've been making lately via Twitter, SL, Ustream,etc. Some people(yes to me people are always the key resource) I've been inspired by lately are Chris Brogan(Twitter and his vlog/blog work) Eric Rice (Twitter and Ustream video chats/tours of his SL sims) Evo Terra(his recent addition of blogging rocks) and CC Chapman's (One Man's Thoughts).

First Chris Brogan-Nice to find a new media guy possibly more ubiquitous than CC Chapman. This guy has enormous Twitter Friends/follower list matched only by his drive and passion. His tweets(Twitter comments) crack me up. His sense of humor and style are very similar to the guys I grew up with in the old neighborhood back in Brooklyn-that kind of "feeling" is a good thing (thanks for asking, little Dorothy in Kansas). He really is community oriented and helped start the Podcamp thingie in Boston. Chris' Little Boxes vlog is really nice and he is a living directory/cheerleader of other vlogs.

Next we come to Eric Rice/Spin Martin(in SL). This cat has been around for a while since the early days of podcasting/vlogging non-textual citizen media. I heard about him for a long time and thought he was just another talking head wind bag, until one day when I really "heard" him. You know what I mean right. I "really" heard the guy. I think he was talking about how SL and podcasting are in parallel. They each are a blank slate with no clear rules of engagement and require the participant to come up with structure and build on that. From that point on, I "got" the guy. Love his Twitter streams of consciousness and have had many SL IM, Ustream, Twitter and Kyte.tv chats with him.

Now Evo Terra is a podcasting tour-de-force that is involved in 3 or 4 different sci-fi flavored podcasts as well as Far Point Media which includes over 30 different podcasts at present. Interestingly, I prefer Evo's blogging voice which he has been vocalizing over at his new Fun Anymore blog. I don't know why-just that intangible "connectivity" factor that occurs between people(or not in some cases).

Finally, CC Chapman. Everyone knows this guy is a great podcaster and has great energy.
Big Care Bear on crack kind of guy. Then I recently watched his One Man's Thoughts' vlog. The setting is fairly mundane (in his chair or kitchen), but not his content. It gave me a burst-because even though the camera is present, which makes many people self-conscious or anxious - CC seems the most "himself" in this format. Funny too.

In summary, I thank these folks and others for the renewed headiness/inspiration I'm feeling via new media.One last parting thought I feel with each of these folks and others: new media allows each of us to have a voice(s). Why the optional plural? Well interestingly many people "sound" differently in different media. So a blogging CC, and vlogging CC will sound and feel a little different from a podcasting CC even though they are all the same person. Not sure why that is, it just "is."

So I'm reaping the benefits of all this good energy and creativity which is helping me to "blow the gunk out of the carb" on my new media engine. My vlog is coming soon, just have to sort that camera thingie out.


  • A care bear on crack? I love it dude!

    Thanks for the love and your thoughts on the different ways you read/watch/interact with me really hit home. I'm not sure why it is different, but thinking about other people I interact with in a similar fashion I know you are correct!

  • Yeah don't know why but it seems stuff is different PT(Post Twitter) . That silly little gadget seems to be a good facilitator of immediacy and wall-less city. In any case lots of good ideas and energy moving more freely. 💡

  • Wow! What a nice thing to read. I'm sitting in a hotel room in Los Angeles, a lot tired, but a lot restless, and I come in and read this. Very cool! Thanks for the kind words.

    But no, CC is still more ubiquitous. : )

  • Heh... Appreciate all of the positive and practical "snacks" you bring to the social media picnic.

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