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Flying High with “F”

Photo by PSD

We resume the dictionary series with the wonderful letter "f", the head of finance, fortune, fame and famine. Hey wait, we were doing better at the start. Some great tunes and shout out to Karen and Smokin' Joe, ICE attendees: Tee Morris and Jack Mangan, new Clambake-EGC:Dave Slusher w/ guest Jonathan Coulton, and Sarah B., Hugh's wife.

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Please buy music directly from artists whenever possible 

Let's Take It to the Stage    3:37    Funkadelic  
Ekaba Kaba    8:17    Franco              
Första Sista    4:16    Familjen          
Madame, Madame!    3:54    Firefox AK             
I'm Still Around    3:59    Five Eight             
My Apple Has Four Legs    4:05    Feathers              
Two Fat Feet    4:06    The Fiery Furnaces              
Popstar Researching Oblivion    6:13    Flotation Toy Warning              
smokes i've had    3:46    fake music                         
Who Told You?    3:12    Fontaine Toups, The  
Going For My Lungs    3:28    The Fold   
Teenage Witch    1:53    Filthy Jim            
Written In Stone    3:21    Fu Manchu          
San Souci    2:57    Frenzal Bomb                  

Download mp3 here

One comment

  • Dude, there were a lot of tunes in this one... I got lost in all the music at one point, and was coding when I snapped back to reality and thought, "Wait, what am I listening to?" Hell of a mix, man.

    Have you become a Far Point Media dude, now? You're the voice, and now the ads run on GLU... What's going on? I'm wondering if you're in the profit-sharing model yet.

    Fear not grasshopper, the Shogun is here to guide you through the exciting and yes sometimes even a little frightening world of sound. I will not rest until every interesting sound is harvested, prepared, and served at our audio banquet. 

    These terms, "Far Point Media" and "dude" do have some ring of familarity to them. Alas, the Shogun holds firm to his tenet,"Him that bring the "coin", get to call the tune." The Blue Shogun is still calling the tunes here, dude.

    The Blue Shogun-the furthest point on any medium

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