Knock Me Out with a Feather, Why Don’t You

I would never do anything illegal or encourage anyone else to-so I’ll tell you how happy and excited I am to have purchased online (as the euphemism goes) 4 Elvis Costello Albums and one Weezer, albeit a bit torrent out there-wink, wink. This is so much better than the other PTP systems speedwise and quality-wise as well. Go Bittorrent go. If I ever see a racehorse with that name... Good thing I don’t gamble.

Follow up on earlier rant-there don’t seem to be many mp3 players out there that are Mac compatible other than Apple’s IPod. I actually found a French made one called “Archos”. Let’s be serious, would any body buy anything French that wasn’t a kind of cheese, or from a wine bottle? Oops, I think I was just politically incorrect again. Now that I think about it, I have French blood in me as well. Proverb for today: “It is far better to have French blood in you, than on you!”

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