10.21.2014 by Mark Forman

Recently I've made some adjustments to the settings on my DSLR. I discovered on a recent night shoot that I was getting a lot of noise and not clear definition as I expected. After doing some research on a photography forum I found that using ISO noise reduction offers softer images while offering some noise […]


Making Friends…

10.19.2014 by Mark Forman

I've had my IPhone 5 for over a year and I've taken the occasional shot with it. The biggest challenge I have is processing the images on the tiny screen-hard for me to see as clearly as I'm used too on my big desktop monitor. Well actually there are a bunch of other challenges-not the […]


Of Wetlands…

07.31.2014 by Mark Forman

We got the crazy idea for a family 1/2 day trip out to the Gao Mei Wetlands on a hot July Sunday afternoon. Why crazy-well it was a hot July afternoon and Taiwan places of interest are always super-crowded on holidays and weekends. I thought the sticky July heat would probably help thin the numbers […]


What Was He Thinking

05.11.2014 by Mark Forman

Very pleasantly surprised this was one of my most favorited photos over on Flickr. It is from my archives from a few years back. I don't remember what I felt right after I shot this man. I can guess that I was quite happy because of his beard and hat-2 elements that always draw my […]



04.13.2009 by Mark Forman
Thumbnail image for Photorama

Need to say special thanks to my friend Brian for loaning me his Pentax DSLR. Been getting lots of great shots with it. I've really been enjoying Flickr more and more. It's great meting other people from all over the world who enjoy and/or produce photos. Some really talented creative people there. Always being challenged […]