Silent Tree Screams

04.29.2017 by Mark Forman

Maybe this is inane in it's obviousness but I'm so spellbound by red in the world around me. I like other colors as well but red always grabs me. Got to be true to what you feel I guess. This shot was taken in a part of my city-Taichung, Taiwan that is going through some […]

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Saying Hey

04.15.2016 by Mark Forman

A photo posted by Mark Forman (@bbluesmantw) on Apr 13, 2016 at 9:02pm PDT Been a while since I've posted here. Lately been very busy on new product development and product design. Check out some of my t-shirt designs here and new stretch leather belts/pack series to be launching soon on Indiegogo and on View From […]


So Wasup

04.12.2015 by Mark Forman

I know it's been a while since I've posted here, ranted in your ear, hopefully stimulated you through an image or some words and some music, etc. been busy with work which has been a lot of new product design for others and also for myself. Have a look at this on new IPhone grip […]



05.07.2009 by Mark Forman
Thumbnail image for Prescience

Definition: Knowledge of actions or events before they occur; foresight. Unusual or creative discernment or perception: farsightedness, foresight,vision. Related (or random) thread: Brian Eno's Before and After Science one of my favorite musical works (dare I say album?).  He was a great musical visionary having a major hand in shaping the foundations for world , ambient  and […]


Sharing some link love…

05.06.2009 by Mark Forman
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In photography the higher you move up the food chain the more you'll encounter snobbery and camera/lens nazis... However you also encounter some really cool talented photographers that have a sense of community. Damien Franco of Your Photo Tips is just such an individual. The post where I was mentioned included the work of 69 […]

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