…and Where it Stops Nobody Knows…

11.05.2018 by Mark Forman

I just saw a Tweet reminding me that Daylight savings time is upon us. It also mentioned how many feel some sadness at the change of the season. Maybe that was the reason or part of why I had a couple of days of heavy blue funk going on. A couple of days of rain […]



06.05.2009 by Mark Forman
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Yes, yet another change in name and theme for this site. Mostly cosmetic-we have been committed to producing, pointing to, digesting and regurgitating art in all of it's forms for a long time.  So our mission(song) remains the same.  Orchid power-these flowers are very fussy and difficult to grow. I call this one "Black Orchid" do […]

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Autumn Sky

12.02.2007 by Mark Forman

cwalker71 Talk about my love of the autumn light and skies,hence-the music is all autumn or sky themed.. Recite John Keats poem:Answer to a Sonnet by J.H. Reynolds. Mention Asian Creative Commons Workshop with live Asian Variations performance with Moshang and Taiwan musicians from album. Summers and Autumns 3:11 Monotonix Red Sky 5:45 Baroness autumn, september […]