Window to the Soul

03.11.2017 by Mark Forman

Eyes are called the window to the soul. My most prized connections with subjects in my photos are eye contact. Since I'm shooting them candidly it all happens in the moment. Usually by the time they realize I shot them I've already moved along. There is some magic in that moment of realization. I usually […]


Sun Fingers

03.08.2017 by Mark Forman

  The morning sun's fingers push up on the eyelids, gradually prying them open. Tea and coffee both willing cohorts but you need to go find them. Silent battle call made through blood and nerves rallying the troops in the head, hands and feet. Been through this dance a billion times. Forever repeating this Maiden Voyage watching the ball fall...


Photo Walking

03.06.2017 by Mark Forman

Many people get excited about meeting up socially with one or more photographers to get together and have a photo walk. I've done it once or twice. Actually, I love to socialize and I love to go and shoot photos. Just not together-let me break it down for ya. When you take pictures probably the most […]



03.05.2017 by Mark Forman

I've been thinking about doing printed versions of my work and yes even a book and finally I have an appropriate theme in mind-ROC 100 or some better name to represent that it is a work consisting of images shot in 2011 the 100th year of the ROC: Republic of China which is now just […]



02.22.2017 by Mark Forman

Gleeful #streetphotography A post shared by Mark Forman (@mark._forman) on Feb 20, 2017 at 12:25pm PST It's been a couple of months since I posted here. This coincides with the usual double holiday season I go through: Christmas and New Years and Chinese New year which is like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years all in one. […]