I’m Coming Out

The whole blogging scene is so different than when I started this as audio podcast blog back in the last decade. Social media activity has taken over much of the energy and impact of blogging. It's still nice to have a dedicated site and curated space to call my own though. Still very pleased on the results I'm getting from the Pentax K 30 and in this case old M42 Pentax Super Takumar 55 1.8 lens. I've also made some adjustments to my BW processing in NIK Silver EFEX II which I'm very pleased with. To be honest I'm enjoying photography more and more. Hope the resulting work is enjoyable for you too.

Diana Ross: I'm Coming Out

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

This is the first time I've revisited this stream bed since I've gotten my new Pentax K-30. I really get the benefit of the A. Schacht Travenar 90 lens with the better sensor of this camera. I had it in mind to shoot some of the stream bed with the 90 thinking I'd get some good results. I was pleased with what I shot. This is a great location for a morning walk as well. It provides a good channel for fresh air from the mountains to follow the stream.

John Coltrane-Kulu Se Mama


Some of you might know that music and photography are 2 of my big passions. Well I should clarify-playing guitar and taking pictures specifically. Here I get to put them together. This is my friend Chris' new guitar. A Japanese-made Masterfield. The company that makes them also does guitars for Ibanez and I think builds kits for Gretsch as well. I played this beautiful guitar yesterday during our blues jam-quite sweet! Also enjoying rocking my new Pentax K-30 camera :D

Grant Green-Ain't it Funky Now

Hands Full, Bowl: Not so Much

Confession-I'm a bit of a Buddhist monk/nun junkie when it comes to photography subjects. Even though I've been here for over 20 something years there is still something about their silhouette that appeals to my eye. Yes the robe colors can be very attractive but it goes way beyond that for me. Perhaps, it is a very visibly Asian signature in a modern Asia where traditional Asian clothing is less and less common. I think nowadays, they need to wear government approved ID card for public alms collecting(you can see hanging on neck).

A magical piece of music that always sounds fresh to me: Terry Riley:Rainbow in Curved Air


Looking at this photo from Taipei MRT it reminds me that my mom had to endure daily commutes from Brooklyn to Manhattan on the subway system often packed to the rafters and un-air conditioned. Me not so much. I know she doesn't miss that aspect of former NYC life at all. Taipei MRT lines are air conditioned and have really added to the quality of commuting in and around Taipei. I was just commenting to a friend the other day that we truly live in the future-my point of reflection was how common it is for me to see people with led glow face at night because they are glued to their smart phones or tablets while walking. Like something out of Blade Runner.

Vangelis-Blade Runner(Esper Edition)


Tamshui is probably my 2nd favorite spot in the Taipei area. It reminds me a little bit of Greenwhich Village or Sausalito in terms of the vibe. Each of those 3 places is completely different and GV and Sausalito probably closer to each other but the three all have a sense of independence or detachment from the immediate surrounding area. Kind of lighter than air and warm for lack of better tangible words.

The shot was taken on a nice family trip weekend. The family was still sleeping while I was up clicking at the crack of dawn...what else is new. If it ain't broke don't fix it , right? :D

Colored Discs

This was shot on recent day trip to Taipei to meet a visiting friend. The outer ring of the LungShan Temple is always bustling with a lot of middle-aged and older men playing Chinese chess. Others are sleeping or panhandling. This area seems to have almost a Lourdes-like attraction for the Taiwanese especially those less fortunate. This is also part of my Hands Speak series on G+.

Smoke and Fire From Desire

This day at the Taipei LungShan Temple was so busy and filled with colors, sounds(from chanting and little cymbals and gongs), smells: the incense and the city itself, and fire from the blood red candles. Should have complete info up for first photo tour early next month. If you have any family or friends that would like to join, or colleagues at your company let us know. We can always customize. Giving that special hands on service is what we're all about and one of the many things that set us apart from an ordinary packaged tour. If you come to Taiwan you can experience scenes like this along with many others first hand and take some great pictures. Taiwan offers alpine mountain range to sea shore in less than three hours. Southern Taiwan is in the sub-tropical zone and eastern Taiwan often called the Hawaii of Taiwan. That topped with Polynesian aboriginal to Han Chinese culture and it's compact size make for a great destination!

Virtual Becomes Real

Yesterday finally got to to meet an old online friend: @aronski in real time meat space. I rode the bus up from Taichung to Taipei (about 2 hours), walked from the bus station to the Taipei Train Station and fed myself through the tunnels into the MRT-a really posative addition to the Taipei life experience. It kind of makes up for some of the agony of when I was living there during it's construction and resulting epic traffic jams. I took Aron on a mini tour of Wanhua and Lung Shan Temple. Here is what he tweeted:

Good warm up for upcoming Shogun of Taiwan Photo Tours :) Will meet Aron again tomorrow with my son. We'll join him at the Taipei International Convention Center to experience Paul Simon and his band. I was thrilled to find out from Aron that some of my favorite South African artists like Bakihti Kumalo will be with him-high times!!!

This shot was taken from a wonderful afternoon of activity at Lung Shan Temple where many people were chanting along with a host of nuns, burning incense, and throwing fortune sticks and blocks.