Way back when my eyes were young and strong and media was more scarce (pre-internet days) I was voracious┬áreader. One of my favorite genres was detective fiction. Lawrence Sanders┬áhad a series of "Deadly Sin" books featuring the sandwich loving Edward X. Delaney. The stories were great but I particularly loved Delaney's sandwich connoisseur aesthetic and the way he enjoyed crafting and eating a good sandwich. Delaney was a New Yorker as I was so there was a real appreciation of good bread which always makes or breaks the sandwich.

Today I got inspired to try a creation, a fusion of eastern Europe and Asia (has fusion become completely redundant in this internet global village we now live in?). A bagel sandwich (homemade by my ever impressive wife Anne) comprised of toasting split bagel, then applying mayo, Sriracha sauce, bonito flakes and capers. Put the 2 halves together, lift to your mouth, bite and enjoy! The recipe ws inspired by sparse ingredients this morning-nothing like limits to inspire creativity.

The image is one of my most favorited on Flickr.

Roy Buchanan-My Sonata