Silent Tree Screams

04.29.2017 by Mark Forman

Maybe this is inane in it's obviousness but I'm so spellbound by red in the world around me. I like other colors as well but red always grabs me. Got to be true to what you feel I guess. This shot was taken in a part of my city-Taichung, Taiwan that is going through some […]

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The Grandmaster

04.17.2017 by Mark Forman

There's a couple of streams running in parallel inside my head at this moment: The Grandmaster by Wong Kai War and Damn by Kendrick Lamar now also known as KungFu Kenny. The former is a movie directed by Hong Kong's famous auteur and the latter the newest release by perhaps hiphop's greatest rap artist alive. […]


What’s Up With That

04.13.2017 by Mark Forman

Sitting here reading my Feedly and came across this Lefsetz post where he's going on about how some things take time or maybe better said."happen in their own, right time." Perhaps it's what we call luck or kismet or whatever but much stuff happens that way. What really struck a chord with me and I […]


Saying Stuff on the Internet

04.06.2017 by Mark Forman

Was probably attracted possibly subliminally to this shot due to the Supreme skateboard t-shirt. First time I heard of the iconic skateboard/street brand was from my son. He started work yesterday and was processing some other apparel goods including surf wear and skateboard shoe brands. Congrats to my son on his 1st day in new […]


Riddle Me This

04.05.2017 by Mark Forman

My favorite line from the Batman TV show uttered by the Riddler of course. He was played by Frank Gorshin and was one of my favorite villains. Still really connecting well with new IPhone as camera and App post-processing as default photography mode. DSLR not very heavy but when compared to the IPhone it weighs […]