Be Kind to Ghosts


More from my self-imposed poetry workshop. In this case I wrote the poem first so I selected the photo because I felt it fit with mood of poem.


Be kind to ghosts

A blur in bushes and shadows flickering Bic lighters

Crowding together they are sandwiched between channels

 Zenith TV' dials turned hard skew their contrast

They bleed like  Cherry Coke cans left on the  dash


Believing their words have  the powe rof persuasion

Politicizing  tongues in your ear earwigs in amber

Speed dialing  on Twitter while snapping a selfie

Honest to a fault  wrapped in anxiety like a blanket

Close captioned re-runs washing over eyes like tears


Immune to rejection  pandering primadonnas

Tumbling down stairways to train stations that lay dormant

The 3rd rail  glows eerily like  diodes on some psychic radio 

Peripatetic shaman proselytize like Fox right-wing pundits 

The Cold War long over globe warmed up byhedge funds


Seeking acceptance  singing karaoke through dog whistles

Sterno cans  like luminarios at the campfire girl seance

Betwixt and between neither pop tart nor  cronut

Bizarre Vegas buffet line full of ectoplasmic distractions

Anorexic marionettes dancing suspended on rusty guitar strings

by Mark Forman 10/12/14