MindField Cast

Black Light Music

08.07.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by adrenalin Please note our hosting service libsyn is having problems with incorrect mp3 file. We will get it taken care of ASAP. This MindField show is part 1 of 2. It deals with the color black. Please note: It has nothing to do with African, Afro-American or other dark skinned races. The theme here […]


Truth or Consequences Motel

07.24.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Paulus Maximus Today's MindField is a very noirish rendering of Jack Mangan's flash fiction piece: Truth or Consequences Motel, which was published in Neometropolis magazine. Here is the music that help's set the mood. Heart Attack American 2:51 The Bronx tira a camizero 2:14 dj gorky Music For A Future City 7:10 CamTarn Episodes (Diphenhydramine) […]


Let it Snow

06.07.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Geo8 I'm here to help cool you down today. I'm so good at making snow I should be one of the X-Men! Don't need the air conditioner, no need to worry Al Gore. I bring a MindField full of snow and cool imagery and music to help you cool down while the temperature goes […]


Dragonboat Festival

05.30.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Poagao Today's MindField is about the Dragonboat Festival-one of the "big 3" of traditional Chinese holidays. Time for the boat races, eating jongdze, etc. I had a couple of comments about some strange signal traces in audio feed. I checked with LibSyn and they said you can check here if that happens. Priest, Poet and […]


The Difference Between Men and Women

05.20.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Dizz The title says it all for this episode of MindField.Yeah, I guess you can say it's like the Mars/Venus thing but with much better music, always! Buy music directly from artist whenever you can A Girl Named You 3:25 Psalm One Eat This City 2:47 Thunderbirds Are Now! No Money Down 2:18 Black Furies […]