The Sound of Music Business

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Funny how the music business can sound just like "monkey business." Seems the music making monkeys are taking control of their music and the money making monkeys don't like the bananas they are left with. We play the following songs over a bed of verbal prose imagery and some song lyrics. Famous comment on Music Biz: The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side. Hunter S. Thompson

Please by music directly from artists whenever possible.

Popular Music 3:52 Aberdeen City
Biomusicology 4:18 Ted Leo & Pharmacists
pop music 2:42 the hartmans
Music When The Lights Go Out 3:02 The Libertines
business before pleasure 2:18 Group Sounds
Ain't No Business 3:19 Roy Buchanan
No Big Deal 4:26 Steadman
We Had A Deal 3:39 Onelinedrawing
learnin' dirty tricks 3:55 Buck Owens
Hell Yes I Cheated 4:21 Sonny Burgess
The Cheat 1:34 Murderbeach
Lay Down The Law 2:44 Map
Living wIth the Law 4:05 Chris Whitley

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Easter Bunnies, Jesus and Spring

Photo by Cathy G

Today's MindField will take you on a journey that includes :Easter Bunnies, Jesus, Spring, Rain, Flowers and new life.

Please buy music directly from artists whenever possible.

Tantrum egg 5:08 Tantrum
Rabbit Furcoat 4:34 Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
Eggtooth 3:28 Oranger
Oh Jesus.... 4:36 Your Black Star
Walking Back To Jesus part Two 4:04 The Broken Family band
First You Must Rise 3:55 The Dharmas
Magical Spring 4:25 Ride
Springtime Can Kill You 2:47 Jolie Holland
Spring Came, Rain Fell 2:36 Club 8
second spring 4:39 Maquiladora
Seeing Life Through Flowers (Starstuff) 3:51 Serpent of Eve
Dandelion 4:00 Antje Duvekot
Hiphop bunny bed:Shoplift [el-P Rremix] 3:50 Rob Sonic

This is a Disemboided Voices Podcast Group Podcast

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Bad Predictions About the Future

Photo by Zoagli

Yes, I'm standing here with my gold ultra-deluxe tritium foil hat on-giving you a list of predictions that were full of hubris and completely erroneous. Layered in and around this are the latest in cutting edge songs for the 3D listener. We at MindField endeavor to do stuff we find interesting, because we like doing that. We strenuously do not object to you liking it too.

Dig the song-buy it from the artist directly if possible

Backed to the Future 4:18 Washington Social Club
About the Future 2:45 The Graves Brothers Deluxe
silver_future 4:43 Monster Magnet
Future Sightings 3:18 I am the World Trade Center
Kids Don't Sell Their Hopes So Fast 3:15 Night Hour
Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled 4:48 Porcupine Tree
Profits of Doom 3:14 Clutch
Looking Forward to Failure 2:18 Ataris
Wishful Thinking 2:38 Wynn Stewart & The Louvin Brothers
Plenty Nonsense 3:10 Trybesmen
Wish The Worst 4:32 Old 97's
Poor Lost Soul 3:32 James McMurtry
The Loser 2:25 Cosmic Rough Riders
The Scottish Heather Bed: Music For A Future City 7:10 CamTarn

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Clear Bright Festival Day

Photo by Yeyo Pepe

This is the holiday celebrated here to honor the "previous inhabitants of the planet", those "dearly departed." Put that in your MindFields and listen. I promise the music is very uplifting.

Please purchase music directly from artists whenever possible

See That My Grave Is Kept Clean    6:56    Kelly Joe Phelps  
TheGreatCarTomb    2:17    Deerhoof                  
Ghosts    1:53    Ted Leo & Pharmacists   
Dead & Gone    2:32    The Safes              
Long Gone Dead    2:53    Rank and File            
She's Gone    3:19    P W Long   
You're Gone    4:40    Greyhounds                 
Gone For Good    3:13    The Shins            
Gone    2:23    Sparrow   
So Gone          3:08    sparkle*jets u.k.            
Goodbye Forever    3:06    Alkaline Trio   
Goodbye Again     3:58    Dave Alvin with Rosie Flores  
Goodbye Grace    3:56    Cardiacs            
she said goodbye    2:24    The Pills           
So...Goodbye    2:40    The Millions  
Under the Bed: Goodbye    3:27    Tessitura     

This is a Disemboided Voices Podcast Group Podcast

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MindField:Water=More than One “H” and Two “O’s”

Photo by EmotionBlogster

Water, the stuff of legend, of life. The substance that keeps us going on this globe mostly covered by the liquid. We crave it like the Fremen on Arrakis craved spice, only difference our eyes don't get that nice blueish glow, but our skin does get a nice sheen to it. Splash it, sip it, swim in it, cleanse in it. All this and a variety of water music to refresh your ears.

Please buy music directly from artist wherever possible.

I Come From The Water    2:46    The Toadies   
Cool Water    2:54    Laura Veirs  
Shallow Heart, Shallow Water    4:41    Caitlin Cary   
water on sand    5:54    sans trauma                
Dirty Water    6:53    Buddy & Julie Miller                
Flowing    3:01    Teenage Fanclub   
Flowman    4:10    PKT           
Trapped Under Ice Flows    3:22    +/-  
A Bend In The River    5:24    Mark Erelli   
Down To The River    2:32    Rosie Flores           
Caught By The River    5:55    Doves                
Across The River    5:20    Alejandro Escovedo  
Walk Into The Sea    2:56    Low   

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Butterfly Dreams

Photo by Flutterbye8567

I've been thinking about the subject of dreams and the action as well. What can I say-surreal, vital, addictive, mysterious and fascinating to rattle off a handful of adjectives. The famous poet and Taoist immortal Chuang Tzu wrote the Butterfly Dream. This is a poem where the poet questions is it himself dreaming he is a butterfly or is he in fact a butterfly dreaming he was Chuang Tzu-do you all get that? Anyhow, the Butterfly Dream together with the musical: Monk's Dream serve as the bed over which we play these songs.

Please buy music directly from the artist whenever possible

dreams burn down    6:04    Ride             
Dream Sequence    4:15    Arab Strap   
67 dreams    1:33    Turn Me On Dead Man   
Dreams    5:09    TV on the Radio   
Pills and dreams    7:06    Tantrum                  
Dream Girl    3:24    Superkreme             
Dreams    2:56    Soulside                
West Country Dream    2:03    Mountain Goats   
Parisian Dream    3:02    Laura Veirs   
09 Dreamtime    4:31    Hazel Winter                     
Dream Of You Dead    6:07    Five Four                        
Robots Dream In Black And White    2:16    Koyla      
Dream Lover    3:35    Big Star    

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Spurious Facts About Jonathan Coulton

This MindField cast is comprised of some sound bites of Jonathan from interview I did with him last winter, spurious facts I fabricated for the sake of laughs(hopefully Jonathan's included), In Monkey Land (Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan, 1907), and a bunch of Jonathan's wonderful songs. Jonathan Coulton typifies the spirit of Free Culture and Creative Commons to me-thanks for that JoCo!

Please make sure to go and buy copious quantities of music from Jonathan so he can buy the biggest and best Optimus Prime stroller for his tot!

Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance 3:48 Jonathan Coulton
Don't Talk to Strangers 3:07 Jonathan Coulton
Stroller Town 2:45 Jonathan Coulton
A Talk with George 3:04 Jonathan Coulton
Take Care of Me 2:42 Jonathan Coulton
Chiron Beta Prime 2:48 Jonathan Coulton
Curl 3:16 Jonathan Coulton
So Far So Good 3:20 Jonathan Coulton
You Could Be Her 4:19 Jonathan Coulton
Betty And Me 3:05 Jonathan Coulton
Brookline 4:12 Jonathan Coulton
Screwed 3:54 Jonathan Coulton
My Monkey 2:45 Jonathan Coulton
Better 3:14 Jonathan Coulton
DNA 3:11 Jonathan Coulton
Skullcrusher Mountain 4:16 Jonathan Coulton

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MindField: Writings of a “Demented Millionaire”

More 700 hobo images by Len

Drawing by Len from Jawbone Radio

The Demented Millionaire, no not me unfortuntely (well maybe the dementia part)  John Hodgman of Little Gray Books, Areas of My Expertise, Self-promoter par excellence, crime partner of Jonathan Coulton(aka Crouton), gang-banger ( the Whiffenpoofs), and the aforementioned "DM" of the They Might Be Giants Podcasts. I almost forgot he is the accuser of Jonathan Crouton's poor cat-iquette(funny video).

Todays story is from one of John's hobo essays in the Areas of My Expertise book. While John is not really a demented millionaire, he told me if he sells a million books he'll gladly become one, and hire me to say funny things on his podcast.

These are the songs which we used to build out the musical side of the SongStory. Please buy directly from these artists whenever possible. Sorry a little technical gaff-file is oknow. Please redownload if incomplete. Surimasen!

President_Of_What 4:01 Death_Cab_For_Cutie
Crowd Pleaser 4:16 Lion Fever
Dry Bones 3:15 Handsome Family
What Are They Fighting For 3:13 RIOT99
Gold Digger - Diplo Final Remix 3:19 Diplo
Smile 4:03 Cosmic Rough Riders
Let's Go To War 3:48 Oh Sweet Music!
Dust My Broom 4:10 Joanna Connor
Dread In The West 3:05 I Roy
Texas, Texas; No Tennessee 3:54 The Evaluation
Torture 1:57 turtle
Wandering Strager 8:14 Entrace
Japanese Girls 2:29 Robbers On High Street
A Train Went Past The Window 3:14 The Proclaimers
Blue Wind Blew 3:17 The Flatlanders
The classy canopied bed:Wine 1:50 Jack Mangan
Candles 1:35 Jack Mangan

Promos: Tee Morris ADDcast-shiny!

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Commerical Drugs/Drug Commercials

Photo by Xtrarant

When I was back in the US recently I was appalled by the number of pharmaceutical ads on tv and their tone-get the consumer tweaked about some drug or condition and go tell your physician to prescribe said drug... This really alarmed me, thus I rant and mix music in. Play some promos for my new site, Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas and Babylon 5 podcasts. Todays spoken content from the FDA themselves no wonder it's as bad as it is. Today's music is all druggy in theme.

Please buy music directly from artists whenever possible

medicine2001 3:52 MonsterMagnet
Handshake Drugs 6:23 Wilco
Summer Of Drugs 4:37 Victoria Williams
Sick Of Drugs 4:48 The Wildhearts
Be My Drug 4:58 The Wildhearts
Drug Song 5:23 The White Foliage
Politics, Music & Drugs 4:00 Slowreader
Drugstore 2:51 Jon Langford & His Sadies
if love is the drug then i want to od 5:40 Brian Jonestown Massacre
Druganaut 3:47 Black Mountain
Miracle Drug 2:19 AC Newman
I Don't Need No Doctor 2:33 Ray Charles
Pome On Doctor Sax 1:45 Anna Domino

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MindField:Blue was the color of my song

Photo by Bodhi47
Yes folks we have a MindField cast today looking at some humorous annecdotes on the Blues provided by the Bitter Man(Aron Michalski) of Parking in Bitter Man Circle podcast. In addition we've assembled some of the best blues music, past and present to fill out the program. If it ain't well... I guess then I'm not the Brooklyn Bluesman.
Please buy music directly from artisit whenever possible.
Aberdeen 4:33 Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
Jug Hustler Blues 2:18 Seth Kauffman
Moanin' At Midnight 2:58 The Howlin' Wolf
The Blues Lover 8:14 Roy Buchanan
Skinny Woman 2:23 R. L. Burnside
Hoochie Coochie Man 2:49 Muddy Waters
Blues StoryII 5:13 Little Axe
Big Girl Blues 3:47 Joanna Connor
Bright Lights, Big City 6:03 James Blood Ulmer
Chief's Blues 7:10 Greg Koch
Mercury Blues.mp3 4:11 David Lindley & Ry Cooder
Mr. Downchild 4:07 Ronnie Earl & Robert Lockwood Jr.
Teenage Beat 2:59 Little Walter
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