Taiwan Says…

First let me say that the local polling place is downstairs from where I'm sitting right outside my elevator door. Our complex is the largest in the area many area voters already live here is how the logic goes. In fact the District Warden-the most local of local government officials also lives here. I know my wife voted for him because he seems to actually make an effort to help and serve his electorate-sounds good to me. I saw him on Sunday out with his core support team parading around the neighborhood thanking those that voted for him. I congratulated him in Mandarin as I drove by on my scooter-all very Taiwanese style behavior. This was a fairly complicated ballot since there were numerous local elections: mayor, councilman, wardens, etc. There were also 10 referendums on the ballot including nuclear power issues, the name for Taiwan's national team, gay marriage, sex education, etc. The complexity and number of people and issues to vote on produced really long lines and voting times. I could see from my balcony that there was a line all the way down from the poling station out of the complex and around the corner at it's longest.

I don't vote since I'm not able as a non-citizen. Therefore I don't have any dog in the race. My impressions of the results: the DPP government is good at talking/thought breeding but bad at executing. People here are tired of significantly increased air pollution, less liberal-minded than it appeared, and even though the probably hold their nose over Chinese Taipei national team name are willing to put up with it rather than have Beijing pressure the rest of the world teams to exclude a Taiwan named team.

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