by Mark Forman on February 5, 2018

Confession-I always loved playing football-on the streets of Brooklyn with 3 manhole covers measuring the length of  field, in between the occasional car coming down E.27th St., when we'd wait for the car to pass and move to0 the side. I have never been  a lover of watching football on TV or playing organized team football. It was always too confusing for me to watch the game and focus on where the key action was happening. Maybe growing up without a father in the house and not having been baptized into the "NFL faith" made a difference too. So skipping the Superbowl  is much easier 1/2 way around the globe. When I see Twitter going off about it the related tribal comments coming from people I normally respect and consider culturally aware or bright reminds me of the disconnect factor that occurs now and again in our society.