I Need

by Mark Forman on December 11, 2017

I don't know why I have an affinity for the Michelin Man. I'm not French although I'm told I do have French in my DNA, I don't recall ever owning any of their tires? The only abstract reason I can think of is when I was in NY going through winter wearing early down parka and being told I looked like the Michelin Man. Anyway, I do like the mascot character that looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost on steroids. Ahh according to the wiki link his name is Bibendum-voila!

The French like their other colonist neighbors did get around particularly in Africa. I've been in touch with an old college days friend of mine from Nigeria which was of course a colony of France's old enemy England. I hope I have a chance to visit Africa soon-so many countries and cultures there. As an American culture vulture I am indebted to Africa's influence on culture particularly via music:jazz,blues,rock, hiphop, etc. this culture also informed fashion in a big way. The African message has always been hijacked and reinterpreted and profited on by colonizers and slavers. When I was a teen in NY running a loft jazz club called EnvironĀ often some African-American musicians would take a shot or 2 at Dave Brubeck as the symbol for white exploitation of the African influenced music. While of course that isn't exactly fair to Dave who was an accomplished musician and employed one of the true greats on sax:Paul Desmond, I can feel their pain and frustration going back to Elvis getting the media, money and fame instead of the poor black musicians who influenced him and maybe flat out copied.