Discovery Trumps Routine

by Mark Forman on October 5, 2017

I don't usually talk about the images letting them speak for themselves. In this case that is still mostly accurate other than I am mentioning how I went to this area in town because my wife wanted to see the concert hall immediately behind me (no you can't see it because like I said it's behind me). The concert hall architecture is ok but nothing to write home about. In fact I was delighted when I saw this little girl being in her moment as a child moving about enjoying life on her own terms. I commented to her parents that she is much more beautiful than the building. That seemed to make her Dad happy-and is true. I wasn't going for brownie points just my observation in the moment on the beauty of life at a simple and pure age...

  • Mi

    Mark, do you happen to have any of your old "Getting a Leg Up" podcasts up anywhere? I've been looking for them for years, but all of the old links are dead/gone.

  • bbluesman

    Thanks for listening, looking and asking but unfortunately no. Those were pre-Soundcloud days...