Stay in Your Lane/Bust Out of Your Lane

by Mark Forman on September 28, 2017

Lately I've become more and more captivated by MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). As much as I used to enjoy boxing I got bored with it after a while. MMA is so intense and their events range between 3 five minute rounds or 5 five minute rounds for championship events. The key thing that I get out of all this for my life since I'm too old and out of shape to engage in this kind of sport is the mental toughness and conditioning it requires to discipline your body to compete and remain in the match since you are getting twisted and pummeled in some very damaging ways. This is particularly helpful to me being an entrepreneur that has to develop my own products and find customers to survive. Life is full of challenges and beat downs which can discourage you and make you feel like giving up or just existing. I believe God shows us that the only person that can beat you and get you out of the race is yourself. My wise Nana often told me, "Mark in this life you are either your own best friend or your own worst enemy-you choose!" In the iconic American pastime:baseball you are a stud if you get 1 hit out of 3 at bats. You will quite likely end up in the Hall of Fame if you meet that criteria. Art Williams of A.L. Williams fame used to say,"a big shot is just a little shot that kept on shooting." Lately have been working hard on a new product for smart phones a phone grip skin...I'm determined to keep fighting and it starts with kicking myself in the butt to motivate myself so when life kicks me it won't hurt as much. Ya feel me?