Is it All in My Head…

by Mark Forman on September 10, 2017

I just got watching probably the best Joe Rogan Podcast episode I ever watched with Henry Rollins. What makes things good or the best-just personally resonating/connecting with the person, their passion/vibe, outlook/flow... The cool thing about Rollins which I've seen and heard before is how driven he is almost to the point of distraction about being active and productive in his life which would include most waking moments. This is a good high for me on top of the nice caffeine buzz I already had going from the nice Oolong tea. I'm actually thinking about putting air in the tire of my bike which I got back from my son after graduating college. Just pedal around, think about stuff and take some photos. I can think of worse things. I realized during listening to him that I do much traveling through the lens of my camera meaning I don't feel the need to go great distances often. I enjoy trips when I do them just it's great for me to be able to have a trip during other people's totally mundane moments. For me that is winning.

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