Tails From athe Crypt

by Mark Forman on June 26, 2017

It's been a few months I know. The zeitgeist is not blogging on your own site but on the Social Media hot properties...for me it's mostly Instagram with some twitter and very little Facebook. Yawn. recently the Leftovers ended-I thought one of the better series in a longtime with a great ending that offered some redemption to Damien Lindelhof for the convoluted kind of train wreck of an ending for his Lost series. Great acting and oddball writing with well developed weird and very human characters. Fargo season 3 also came to an end-which was kind of the weakest of the 3 seasons but still had its moments-the last 2 eps were great. I can forgive Noah Hawley because an off season from him is still better than a good season from most others in the tv land game. His Legion this year was probably my favorite tv series this year which can make a nice companion piece for Mr. Robot. Each coming from a different but related end of the twilight Zone.

I'm shooting less but now more with my DSLR primarily because it takes better images and processing is more convenient for my ages eyes on the larger desktop screen. Will do more IPhone stuff for sure as my eclectic ADD kicks in as inevitably it will. Still enjoying discovery on Insta with many great international photographers out there. Who knew Iran and Turkey had so many good ones... Sadly the greedheads at Facebook got the great idea to stick ads in about every 4 frames but what are you gonna do. It's not enough that we're human batteries ala Matrix we need to watch their crappy ads or spend the time to skip them. So know you either spend more time to cycle through/NOT! or less time because you get frustrated and disgusted>REALITY!

Really enjoying the work of Justin Hunte now out on his own-feel he is one of the most intelligent thought out talking heads on the net especially on hiphop culture. I've learned some good joints and rappers that I had missed or knew precious little about. Spotify keeping me happy playing me the stuff I want ans well as the stuff the ai algorithms feel I would like-which they are often quite right. great experience with that service.

My own biz stuff getting closer on probably doing crowd funding launch for new super comfortable unibody insole product with sales on Amazon thereafter. Speaking of the amazon peeps-it's the borg baby! Can't beat them might as well join them! taking on another project for affordable dental equipment ideal for developing countries/economies helping out some good friends with sales.