What’s Up With That

by Mark Forman on April 13, 2017

Sitting here reading my Feedly and came across this Lefsetz post where he's going on about how some things take time or maybe better said."happen in their own, right time." Perhaps it's what we call luck or kismet or whatever but much stuff happens that way. What really struck a chord with me and I will share now:

But if you give people what you think they want not only do you die inside…

You’ve really got no idea what people really want.

That's his pearl or 2 of wisdom that struck me in my heart/head/soul today. We all get caught up in wanting to be good politicians pleasing everybody and kissing all the babies. The truth is most of the art and brilliance man is able to garner and exhibit doesn't happen by consensus or planning. Specifically on creative endeavors it's always best to be faithful to your individual muse. Some will love it and some will hate it and some will be neutral. I long for extreme reactions because that is a good barometer of being inspired and offering something of substance. I don't have any problem with many people not getting my photograp0hy because it looks like a snapshot of strangers to them. Where's the pretty girl in the bikini or the cute cat, etc. ?

Life is short-we don't need to be doing things that make us "die inside" especially because we never truly know with any consistency what people really want. I have countless experiences loving a photo and posting it knowing it will blow up. It didn't. Some other image which I posted and thought was ok does blow up. Whatever. They're all good and all flawed but all real. real people shot by a real person trying to capture some of their essence and say something about this moment on Planet Earth.

Mundane Detail Report: The foods pictured above from lower right to left-The big wheel and wedge cut pieces to the left of it are 大餅Big Scallion Loaf, 1st metal tray:水煎飽 Fried Bao and to it's left 蔥油餅 Scallion Pancake. These are some of my favorite snack foods in Taiwan.