Saying Stuff on the Internet

by Mark Forman on April 6, 2017

Was probably attracted possibly subliminally to this shot due to the Supreme skateboard t-shirt. First time I heard of the iconic skateboard/street brand was from my son. He started work yesterday and was processing some other apparel goods including surf wear and skateboard shoe brands. Congrats to my son on his 1st day in new job after graduation and to my daughter in her 9th year at major cosmetics brand. Glad they are both making a contribution to society in their own way. Much love and wishes of success to them in their lives. As for me still hustling on material sales trying to improve function in products and comfort, performance and convenience for users of said products while pocketing some needed benjamins!



  • Kai

    Hi Mark, I had been listening to your podcast "Getting a leg up" about 10 years ago until it stopped. I really missed the songs you have played. Could I find the archive or song lists somewhere? One song I remembered was something about "Mission Bell", a country rock style song. Do you still remember what it was? Thanks.

  • sammie546345

    Good entertainment you give us with science and technology. There are more people are like this post and they have more eager to get this. I hope such kind of content is need so more to spread the technology around the world.

  • jones5635

    Best wishes for both of your daughter and son. I am pray for them, wishes to success every moment, they are increase there success line in his/her effort. You are good, lucky mother.