Riddle Me This

by Mark Forman on April 5, 2017

My favorite line from the Batman TV show uttered by the Riddler of course. He was played by Frank Gorshin and was one of my favorite villains. Still really connecting well with new IPhone as camera and App post-processing as default photography mode. DSLR not very heavy but when compared to the IPhone it weighs a ton. 😀 The phone's size also is much less intrusive when doing closeup or ultra-closeup candid shots. So that makes it more conducive for that kind of street shooting.

I just got back from exercising-in addition to raising my heart rate for an hour and perspiring I also think about many different things. Today one of those things was an upcoming Kickstarter project for shoulder strap comfort cushions. I know it doesn't sound very exciting but when you use them your shoulder & neck will thank you. I have had some nerve pain/discomfort issues lately so am especially aware of the benefit of a good comfortable solution to carrying weight. I have a lot of experience doing these products-originally for another company-this time around with my own design for my own company. When I have some designs/visuals ready I'll share them to see what you think.