Double Up

by Mark Forman on March 29, 2017

In my renewed IPhoneography I have gone back to an early favorite app-Snapseed which designed by the NIK team maker of Silver EFX and bought by Google. Have got to say I'm quite impressed by the software and added tools like Double Exposure and very good black and white conversion., If this is too photo geeky for you-sorry for the trip to the sausage factory. Just enjoy what I'm babbling about in the image above. I'm very happy that my son has landed a good job. It is in logistics with a Hong Kong based company that is also huge in the apparel industry. I'm proud of him and his diligence in looking for work. Now I'll have an opportunity to visit him in his new town near Taiwan's main airport in Taoyuan. This will allow me to do some street photography there and in the airport as well. I'm planning on shooting parts of my new Kickstarter video there too. The items I'll be seeking crowdfunding on are awesome comfort cushions for shoulder and neck straps:for luggage, bags, camera, guitar straps,etc and also hand straps and grips; and protective cushions for shoulder and neck straps: for heavier luggage, bags, tool bags, camera, guitar straps,etc. or for people with physical issues that need the extra-protection. The key materials are our own compounds: InGel and ViSorb.