Return of the Phone Pic

by Mark Forman on March 14, 2017

Photo Mar 07, 9 19 18 AM

The other day I had to visit my doctor for routine check up. I thought about bringing my camera but weather was kind of iffy and just opted for convenience-so didn't. I arrived at hi office early so I walked over to a nearby market and took out my phone shooting with renewed vigor. First time shooting with new case on it allowing for firmer grip. I also have dialed in my post processing tighter using my go to app for this- RNI Films Like the adage goes-the best camera is the one with you. Took it out again to a bigger market when I found big camera battery was running low. No regrets. I feel like I've made some breakthroughs and can get better more satisfactory results. I always love the challenge of having to work on my technique to adapt to and overcome the tools limitations. Business-wise a couple of interesting projects are starting that use my impact absorbing material and a metal medical device. My son is going back for 2nd interview with a major shoe factory that is the main factory for a very well know shoe company. he has high hopes since he is a sneakerhead and he also has material development in his DNA growing up around me. Big props to him for gifting me with a Spotify subscription-listen to it lots while photo-editing. Great reconnecting with my music world. Here's what I'm listening to right now: