Photo Walking

by Mark Forman on March 6, 2017

Many people get excited about meeting up socially with one or more photographers to get together and have a photo walk. I've done it once or twice. Actually, I love to socialize and I love to go and shoot photos. Just not together-let me break it down for ya.

When you take pictures probably the most important thing you do with the camera is "focus it." Before you focus the camera you need to focus your mind and your eye. The require concentration which is challenged and compromised when you are with a person or people that are engaged in conversation. Nothing wrong with that-you can also break away from time to time or ignore the group and focus on some shots. I guess in my perfect world it would be ok lets meet here chit chat-break up and then meet back at a spot and hang and talk some more, maybe share shots and  feelings and impressions about our shots. Different strokes for different folks-I know. Every pers0n has a different level of interest  and passion, etc. No absolutes just that I absolutely like to focus and get deep into the zone for when I'm out street shooting. I just roll like that.

This shot was taken with wider angle lens: 28mm which I haven't used in a while. I'll need to do some more with it and plan on doing some flash photography with it at night. It allows you to get different perspective than longer lenses like 50 and above. It also captures much more around the subject for additional context. It isn't as razor sharp as the 50mm or longer lenses nor does it have that nice"bokeh"-that being said each lens has it's own personality and properties and it is a fun challenge to adapt to shooting well with each one. Hope you're enjoying my renewed posting activity here-heavily motivated by my using art and creativity to help drown out the bad noise of the reality tv show that real life has become and to offer something positive to help offset those negatives.