Been a While

by Mark Forman on December 28, 2016

It's been a while but I've remained faithful to my last posts meme that I was going to focus on art to take my mind off of fake news, demagogues and hucksters. I've been going through my archives and getting out with the DSLR again taking new shots with renewed passion and loving it. I've been active mostly at Instagram and am getting some great stuff there avoiding the shameless pitchmen and promoters (mostly). Almost a new year,the Rooster according to the Chinese. Hope you've all been doing fine. Enjoy some shots. Have a happy and a healthy!

Cycles #taiwan #streetphotography #blackandwhite

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Message in a Bottle #streets #lensculturestreet #streetphotography #streetphotographers #taiwan #streetstyle

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Alphonse Mouzon-great drummer also passed before the end of 2016-here he is with another great musician that moved on ahead of him-Jaco Pastorius. Enjoy.