New Day, New Idea

by Mark Forman on May 12, 2016

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So here it is... Originally I was getting ready to launch my Indiegogo campaign for lightweight/stretch comfort belts. I haven't nixed that but have placed it on hold. The reason is I researched another application of my silicone foam material that I feel offers more immediate and even greater benefits than comfort to wearer-better skin and environmental protection! What you say? Whenever I do product research I tend to hold on to little bits and pieces of material which I'll often play around with; sometimes brainstorming while I'm looking and touching. It was during this process,I had just returned from my morning exercise routine so my face and skin were moist from perspiration and I got an idea to pick up a strip of my textured silicone tape and rub it across my face on a spot that clearly had some gunk build up-gunk is more correctly dead skin cells and oil. I rubbed it back and forth a few times until I felt some mild warmth and checked-voila! The spot I treated was very smooth and clean.

This prompted me to do some research-there are a number of products in the skin care marketplace that use silicone molded products for skin exfoliation/scrubbing. OK so I'm not crazy... I already knew that silicon is hypoallergenic, latex-free(many people have latex allergies) and petroleum-free(no petrochemical content in silicone unlike all thermoplastics) so Win, Win, Win! It is safe for skin, and comfortable on skin. Our material is even more supple and stretchy than regular silicone so even more comfortable and safer to use on skin.  I will have pictures available very soon and give details about the Indiegogo campaign. Hope you can all help share and support as you are able. Will offer some special incentives to web friends too! O.o

PS: I quit smoking over 10 years ago(unlike my photo's subject). Smoking is bad for the skin-it dries it out and virtually ages it-think of jerky... Ouch!

大家好。本來我有準備要做一個皮帶募資網站的方案。我現在暫停了。我另外準備推廣一個環保t皮膚保養器材。材質是我們矽膠發泡做的 對皮膚很溫柔又無過敏也無任何石油成份。