What’s Up With That?

by Mark Forman on March 16, 2015

One of the nice things about having your own site is that you can just rant and shout into the abyss with abandon. If passer's by want to join in-well that's great. If they want to shake their heads out of pity or disgust, well that's ok too. This was from a day where it was pissing down rain-I know you couldn't tell from the picture. 😛 I wear glasses so going out in the rain offers some inconveniences and challenges. My camera is weather-proofed so that is less of an issue. I have auto-focus lens on so I can hold umbrella in one hand and camera in the other. I did manage to keep most rain off of my glasses but not so much for the rest of me.

The photographer in me overcame the comfort loving sluggard in me and one the battle to go and take advantage of this weather and resulting photo opps-am I glad I did. Hail Mary pass yeah! This one fits my sardonic sense of humor well. Sponge Pants Bob is a little bit after my time but he's still in the far corner of my pop culture radar. The title from my day-The Place Mats (the Replacements to the rest of you)-Pleased to Meet Me

It was a great session of an early morning rain soaked world. Even got the stink eye from my wife coming home wet. LOL. No cartoon characters were injured during this process...