Vader Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

by Mark Forman on October 30, 2014

Flowers are beautiful living things. Very delicate with intricate structures and distinctive shapes. It is hard for me not to mess around with the appearance some since they are one of the most common and therefore over shared subjects up there with puppies and cats. That being said I can understand why so many photographers are attracted to them for the reasons stated above. So I went about it a little more darkly in this treatment which seemed to be the right thing in the moment. It is a water lily which is a very common varietal here in Taiwan There are several parks around that have them growing in ponds.

I went out yesterday for the 2nd time recently only taking my IPhone along. This is to familiarize me more with the camera, getting comfortable with focusing,processing and sharing to Instagram. I am in the process of developing an IPhone videography/photography accessory that allows you to hold onto the phone ergonomically and steadily and also serves as a desktop tripod. I will share more on that when our Kickstarter site goes live. Here is a recent photo I shot and posted over on Instagram.