by Mark Forman on October 21, 2014

Recently I've made some adjustments to the settings on my DSLR. I discovered on a recent night shoot that I was getting a lot of noise and not clear definition as I expected. After doing some research on a photography forum I found that using ISO noise reduction offers softer images while offering some noise reduction in camera. So I switched it off and am getting much clearer/sharper images. I also made some adjustments to my color: vibrance settings to tone it down a little bit. This abstract at a nearby temple which sits under a great tree in the middle of the road here in the BeiTun District of Taichung, Taiwan. Big trees take on a divine status in this animist/Taoist/Buddhist Taiwanese culture. Therefore many of them will have a shrine built beneath them and the road will move around it. The Chinese have a saying: "The mountain won't turn so the road must!" "山不轉,路轉" 

Here is a link to a feature on my BW street work over at the Flickr Blog