Thinking Out Loud

by Mark Forman on October 1, 2014

I can't tell you how many times I've been surprised by the excessively enthusiastic response (meaning much more than I anticipated) along with the underwhelming response(less than what I expected due to personal love) for an image posted online. The reason I mention that is because this image while it did get a reasonable response was less than what I expected because it's one of my favorite images. Perhaps the capture of the image which only I participated in has affected my feelings about the image-it was a decisive moment type scenario where I saw him and balloon and got into the right crouched position and waited for him to complete the frame that you see here. In any case it doesn't matter. I often get asked what is happening in a certain photo or what the photo means. I will respond but truthfully I'm from the school that it means whatever you think .I believe what the viewer brings to the image is as important and valid as what the photographer thought he was trying to show you. Since my style of street photography is very much "in the moment" I am guided by my eye and a spontaneous feeling or impression-odd, whimsical, beautiful,edgy, frightening, poignant, etc. It can be on or more of those feelings. Now that I'm analyzing this I'd say it was because of the heart shaped frame, only one eye showing and the lower balloon like a light bulb highlighting his face and making a frame within the heart shaped frame. I also like the balance of black and white throughout the image. What do you think? Do you like it?