Mr. 10/10

by Mark Forman on March 8, 2013

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I watched the Amanda Palmer Ted talk that Lefsetz was raving about. It was quite good simply because Amanda is quite good. Her music is good albeit not my favorite-but what makes her shine is her ability to first connect deeply with herself-the magic conduit for producing art that can touch people. She is not afraid to be vulnerable but in fact seems to thrive on it. This is what made it and her life as performance inspiring.

Must Read came on my radar via Readability. They are offering a bunch of posts as recommended reading-there seems to be some interesting stuff. Still kind of baffled why Google let Google Reader implode?? I find other sites lie Twitter and these suggested reading sites taking over from it. That being said I do use a Reader substitute that has emulated the early Google Reader quite well-The Old Reader

Mr. 10/10 up top is so named because he's wearing a Republic of China shirt and 10/10 is the National Day for Taiwan/R.O.C.