The Gent

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Yesterday I had some business that brought me close to Lukang one of my favorite places in Taiwan. It was just after the Chinese New Year Holiday and the concluding Lantern Festival. The streets weren't packed but as always there were a number of great characters milling around, both locals and tourists. This is Uncle Lin-a very spry and joyful 90 year old man that spoke excellent English. Always nice to meet elderly people that are still very active and enjoying life.

Johnny Cash would have been 81 today-so in the honor of that great artist: Johnny Cash- I Walk the Line

Strategic Partnership

[pe2-image src="" href="" caption="Strategic Partnership" type="image" alt="still life monochrome" thumb_crop="false" thumb_w="924" thumb_h="" pe2_single_image_size="w924" ] I was thinking about 2 questions which I often encounter on social media photo sites:

1) What is it? and 2)What does the title mean?

Nothing wrong with either of these questions I guess but they make me feel that people have too strong a sense of entitlement, they glanced at it and therefore have a right to demand an answer, the internet should be the equivalent of a little genie that can perform for you based on your whims. They are uncomfortable with mystery and perhaps are lazy to think or imagine. Perhaps this is the product of American entertainment which leaves little to the imagination and tends to have great big neon signs pointing at every major and minor detail lest you have to rely on subtlety or intuition. Photographs are visual stories-they are open to interpretation. I don't know-maybe it's the fault of our education system, Twinkies , or stuff the government puts in the water or a combination there of. I know both of the questions in and of themselves are fairly tame and innocent. It's just that I personally like a sense of mystery or abstraction. I don't like stories or art that is too obvious for it leaves me with nothing to engage with or add my impressions to. It sadden's me that our technology which is based mostly on binary math these days is so mind-numbingly absolute. The priests of this technology or "geeks" are equally banal in wanting everything to be neat and tidy so they can own it and control it enabling them to spit it back out with enhanced C++. So my answer to you is what do you think? In fact-do you think? If not try it-you might be amazed by the journey.  Don't eat the red pill...or was it the blue one?

My Bloody Valentine-Who Sees You

Pextax istDL

A.Schact Travenar 90


Finding the Right Destination

I dropped my wife off at the bus station yesterday. She and her sister had about a 7 hour bus ride to get to north eastern Taiwan from out west central location. Oh joy! Many people were there and across the street at the train station to begin their journey or complete it. Here is one guy trying to sort out the purchase of his ticket. I'm working on some new processing techniques to try to mute the colors a little while enhancing the tines-what do you think? Image selection and processing techniques are always in flux. I still have another 6 days of break and will head out again today to walk and shoot and reflect on life. Camera is Pentax istDL with M42 A. Schacht Travenar 90mm.

Words of Gold

Went walking around one of my favorite markets in town: Shui Nan Market. This are was mainly inhabited by mainland Chinese inhabitants and mostly military families since there is an air force base right next door. On this cool but sunny afternoon(turned to cool and not so sunny right as I was leaving) there were many vendors out hawking their traditional Chinese New Year's goods.  This photo is of a woman doing traditional calligraphy-the art of making beautiful Chinese characters or calligraphs with a brush pen. This year in the Lunar Year of the Snake. Hope it is a happy and healthy one for us all.