Panda Looming

by Mark Forman on October 25, 2012

black and white street photography night market taiwan Last night I was having a discussion with some local friends. The subject of imagination came up. One friend said she has difficulty using her imagination. I knew immediately what she was referring too. The traditional Confucian education system emphasizes rote memorization and favors classics and awareness and acceptance of them over exploring and considering divergent culture or thought. I even told her when I first came here I wondered if so many Taiwanese "could be so dumb" before I realized it was my ignorance of the education system and resulting consequences, and no-not a widespread lack of intelligence as I wrongly intuited. During my early days here locals in the workforce were continually working overtime and had 1 day off a week leaving precious little time or energy to nurture forays into the creative or other areas requiring challenging the imagination.This was the reality behind the export engine Little Dragon Taiwan was at that time.I realize that imagination is not a measuring stick of intelligence and am sure that people can live perfectly happy lives without one-I'm glad that through art I can explore my imagination. I'm also glad that many younger Taiwanese are also developing their imaginations and creative impulses.

The Temptations-Just My Imagination