October 2012

Sanford & Son

10.30.2012 by Mark Forman

I often get asked about do I ask permission...,etc. about my street shots. So from time to time I run down my street ninja ethic for those that have not heard it from me before. So here goes... What I hope to capture is a frozen moment of reality in a bubble-in this case through […]

& Son">


Panda Looming

10.25.2012 by Mark Forman

Last night I was having a discussion with some local friends. The subject of imagination came up. One friend said she has difficulty using her imagination. I knew immediately what she was referring too. The traditional Confucian education system emphasizes rote memorization and favors classics and awareness and acceptance of them over exploring and considering […]


Something Strange

10.18.2012 by Mark Forman
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Definitely not the Energizer Bunny...I guess I'll proceed at my own risk. Wire-Strange There's something strange going on tonight, something going on that's not quite right, Joey's nervous and the lights are bright, there's something going on that's not quite right. There's something going down that wasn't here before, keep your eyes glues to the floor, no-one's […]


Chit Chit

10.17.2012 by Mark Forman
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Don't you just love those guys(usually men, probably exclusively men) that make the guns with their fingers and make that "chit, chit" sound like they're pulling the triggers in their playful smarmy way? I've been experiencing a new level of understanding and satisfaction of adjusted ISO and aperture settings for those of you that care […]


A Moment to Reflect

10.04.2012 by Mark Forman
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Sometimes the light is the star. It certainly sets and dictates to the mood. I really feel this shot captured the serenity and beauty of the moment.   Mahavishnu Orchestra - Meeting Of The Spirits