Do You Stop?

by Mark Forman on September 20, 2012

On my morning photowalks I often encounter homeless people. There are certain areas of my city where their population seems more conspicuous: downtown, near bus station, train station, Taichung Park, etc. During my early morning schedule many of them are still sleeping on benches, in doorways or archways.

It is easy to look the other way and pretend I didn't see them. It is more comforting to think that we will never be them and some how we are harder working or better at resisting temptation from alcohol, drugs,  gambling or insanity. Essentially they are just people dealing with a harsher reality than you or I. All of the reasons for this are the subject of much philosophical and social debate. I'm trying not to get too preachy here because I don't like my glass house to end up with multiple jagged holes. Food for thought-if the spirit moves you-show some compassion. Buy them a meal and some water. I do that some and want to do that more. I don't give money because I don't want them getting alcohol with it. Yes I'm very grateful for the roof over my head, the amply stocked refrigerator and pantry and the hot and cold running water I have.