Genesis to Revelation

by Mark Forman on September 9, 2012

I'm sitting here listening to a great piece of music that influenced me a lot in my musical and actual youth. Genesis: Lamb Lies Down on Broadway was a double concept album in the era when they were quite common. I think it's one of the best of both the prog(progressive rock genre) and as a concept album in general. I had the privilege and good fortune to see it performed live at the old Academy of Music on 14th St. It was nice in a poetic sense too since the main character and storyline were from and in NY. Sadly, this was to be the last album with Peter Gabriel the man who I felt was "Genesis". Sure they were a brilliant band of excellent musicians aside from him but he gave it that quirky creative spark that set them apart from being just another prog band. Most disappointing to me was how Phil Collins a brilliant drummer chose to totally kick art to the curb for a successful business plan. I don't alt anyone for making a living but obviously as a passionate music fan-I was drawn in by the art and moved on when the "art" left. I know this will irk some other Genesis fans that stayed with the band after Gabriel left or that came in post-Gabriel but I'm being true to my feelings no apologies offered. Here is a link to full set performance of Lamb.