September 2012

Do You Stop?

09.20.2012 by Mark Forman
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On my morning photowalks I often encounter homeless people. There are certain areas of my city where their population seems more conspicuous: downtown, near bus station, train station, Taichung Park, etc. During my early morning schedule many of them are still sleeping on benches, in doorways or archways. It is easy to look the other way […]


Genesis to Revelation

09.09.2012 by Mark Forman
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I'm sitting here listening to a great piece of music that influenced me a lot in my musical and actual youth. Genesis: Lamb Lies Down on Broadway was a double concept album in the era when they were quite common. I think it's one of the best of both the prog(progressive rock genre) and as […]


See What You See

09.05.2012 by Mark Forman
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How about some color? Mix in some texture, some lines some depth of field and voila. Some of my favorite shots are the ones that if I didn't take a second look I would have kept on walking missing  a great opportunity to capture something of beauty-even if only ephemeral. That is one of the […]