Let’s Take Another Look

Taipei,Taiwan street photography, black and white,lifestyle The beauty of RAW files(digital negatives) is that you can go back to them from time to time and do different treatments offering different images. This image was originally shot on a Taipei trip earlier this year and was one of the first I shot with borrowed lens from Taipei photog friend: Darren Melrose. Trying out a new preset I came up with for BW processing. If photo tech stuff is not your thing-don't worry not mine either. I just manipulate and abuse it until it listens to me! :D

Talking Heads-I Zimbra


Blue Wind

candid BW street photo smoker smoke exhale
It was around the time of this session that I discovered I had my aperture setting at 5.0 instead of the usual wide open 2.8. Once I noticed it I let it go interested in what I'd see. I guess this is much closer to the lens sweet spot and although you lose some depth of field you gain some sharpness and detail. I think it's a good trade off. I prefer the serendipity from learning hands on over reading technical books... What I learn seems to be more vivid and sticks with me better.