July 2012


07.30.2012 by Mark Forman
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I don't go out of my way looking for these set-ups nor do I wait around a long time until they're complete with subject and background to complete the shot. I will shoot this type of scene if I come across it spontaneously though(and gladly) as in this case. The thing I love most about […]


Dressed to Kill

07.17.2012 by Mark Forman
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After looking at this photo I'm pretty sure I've shot this guy before-another cool shot. The reason why this stands out is I generally try not to shoot the same person twice. That is if memory serves correctly. In retrospect, as in this case. If subject is wearing a distinctively different look or if mood […]


And the Winner is…

07.02.2012 by Mark Forman
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Lately this image has been getting a lot of activity on Picasa and G+ again. The back story is that I was walking through one of my favorite local markets on a day with some mild typhoon activity  going on ,mostly wind gusts but no rain. When I saw this older man I fell in […]