Taiwan black and white street photography old man absurd billboard
I don't go out of my way looking for these set-ups nor do I wait around a long time until they're complete with subject and background to complete the shot. I will shoot this type of scene if I come across it spontaneously though(and gladly) as in this case. The thing I love most about the background poster is how it represents the Chinese slang for exaggerating 吹牛. Of course I equally love the old gent sitting there waiting for his bus non-plussed by the absurd image behind him. Moral of the story it pays to walk around and all over to explore and discover this kind of serendipity.

Cowboy Junkies-Sweet Jane

Dressed to Kill

street photo B&W monochrome scooter cool clothes Taiwan
After looking at this photo I'm pretty sure I've shot this guy before-another cool shot. The reason why this stands out is I generally try not to shoot the same person twice. That is if memory serves correctly. In retrospect, as in this case. If subject is wearing a distinctively different look or if mood stands out I guess it's ok. So I guess the only rule is-produce a decent photo.

So kudos to this nattily dressed scooterist zooming through the ShuiNan Market.

I forget if I mentioned before how a lot of camera time produces the urge/desire to play my guitar more. The reverse is probably also true but it seems that I shoot much more often than play-but that ratio is shifting. I guess the key point is that creative flow all comes from the same point within us-irregardless of which artistic form. Over-analysis aside both of these media make me happy which is good and acceptable to me.

My photog buddy Dino told me that my style perfectly harmonizes with my improvisationl forms of preferred music: blues and jazz. While I don't really consider myself a good example of either in their strictest sense-I'll own up to being an improvising vibe-type player.So his observation makes perfect sense to me-both forms are alive and in the moment.

Freedom Jazz Dance

And the Winner is…

black and white monochrome street photo bearded man gust
Lately this image has been getting a lot of activity on Picasa and G+ again. The back story is that I was walking through one of my favorite local markets on a day with some mild typhoon activity  going on ,mostly wind gusts but no rain. When I saw this older man I fell in love with his full flowing beard. I focused my lens ready hoping that a good breeze would come and seconds later it did...This is the result. Happy that so many people enjoy it-I still do too.