May 2012


05.26.2012 by Mark Forman
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I recently picked up a new lens that I did a bit of research on. I'm not into gear fanboi obsessing. I know from experience in any craft or art technique derived from much practice and experimentation is far more important than any piece of equipment. My goal in wanting and obtaining this lens was […]


Confluence of Patterns

05.21.2012 by Mark Forman
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I'm still enjoying my "slow photo" experiments(becoming a norm actually). I'm hoping I'll adhere to the slower, waiting for the shot to compose itself approach with my newly acquired automatic lens(I've been using primarily manual prime lenses). Here I was taking my time walking around a local food fair and down the green parkway to […]


Lake Pavilion

05.08.2012 by Mark Forman
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Today I watched a great interview with Garry Winogrand, a brilliant and unpretentious photographer that just truly loved taking pictures. The thing I appreciated the most was his joy in taking the pictures and how he didn't seek to over-analyze or intellectualize what he was doing. He also didn't place to much concern on technology […]



05.03.2012 by Mark Forman
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There was a long period of time that I would have identified myself as a street photographer. There is nothing wrong with that classification or tag and do love that theme. The more I've gotten into photography the more I want to shoot anything that presents itself to me as a challenge to capture well […]