Looking Towards a Brighter Future

by Mark Forman on March 23, 2012

duotone street portrait

Back in the day when I was first listening to Brian Eno having been a listening fan of his (yes I mention this to clarify that I didn't wait backstage for him) since his Roxy Music stint. His first few albums are total masterpieces of synthetic pop music relying on tapes, keyboards , talented musician friends and his great ear and creative mind. He of course went on to become mega producer working with David Bowie, Ultravox, the Talking Heads and U2 among other bands.

I knew back then he was very friendly with some early German "kraut rock" bands engaging in electronic rock: Cluster and Neu! in particular.

Back then budgets and access to music was restricted. So Cluster and Neu! were bands I heard about but never really heard until now. Enter the internet...I'm totally loving the simple but artistically beautiful sounds of these 2 bands and I can her their influences on Eno's music as well. Especially in the collaboration he did with David Bowie's Berlin trilogy: Low, Heroes and Lodger particularly on the b-sides of those records (to you youngsters that means on the second side of old LP format). The coolest thing about the internet is there is virtually no barrier to hearing all of the bands, musicians and performers you heard about or to seeing old performances you missed. I love the universal library aspect of the internet!

Neu! - Negativland