Same Place , New Year

monk yellow robe temple courtyard Lukang Taiwan
Some images are fairly iconic. Lacking description you either know exactly or fairly well who the subject is or what their significance is. These monks on the Chinese Lunar New Year are the equivalent of the Salvation Army Santa's in the west. Later on he struck up a conversation with me (in Chinese which I speak fluently), asking me about whether the whole world celebrates the Lunar New Year.
Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Lukang- A Cultural Treasure

lukang taiwan temple lanterns Dof abstract red chinese new year
Over 20 years ago when I first came to Taiwan I was living in the main city Taipei. It was quite a trying time for me and Taipei: I was going through culture shock-moving from the US to an Asian emerging nation and also from a small city-Tucson to a much larger city: Taipei. Taipei was a place with terrible weather-often rainy, cold in the winter and hot in the summer and the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport system) was being built throwing the already crowded place into total gridlock because of tearing up already crowded streets for the much needed MRT.

One day a classmate of mine from college who was also living in Taipei invited me over and started showing me all these neat handicrafts she bought while simultaneously telling me stories of Lukang: this wonderfully traditional cultural treasure of the "Real Taiwan" not like the then culturally confused Taipei-having only tiny pockets of traditional culture with mostly faceless mediocre western style construction. I was getting quite antsy so I scheduled a trip to Lukang and as soon as I got off the bus-I just loved it. So much Ching Dynasty era temples, traditional Taiwanese farmhouses and Japanese Occupation era-downtown. The place just reeked of charm and history with some of the friendliest Taiwanese people I've ever met.

Here we are some 20 odd years later and even though the place has modernized some it still is a magical, charming and culturally rich place. If you ever make it to Taiwan I strongly suggest you add this place to your list of must see destinations.
David Byrne-The Last Emperor

Tainted by Heavy Metal

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Well I feel I got off to a rocking start to the New Years with some inspired photography(generally par for the course)-meaning I'm usually inspired, but don't always inspire... :D I've decided to pull out the stops a little more with my post processing and continue to experiment with different effects and combinations. One of my G+ friends made comment on how this kind of looks like up the neck/fretboard of a guitar... In honor of that I'll provide a link to some favorite guitar music. Hopefully, that will offer some additional new year inspiration and good energy

Tony Williams- Snake Oil

Ring in the New!

Bold color abstract portrait photo orange yellow
Here in Taiwan it's already over 7 hours into Twenty Twelve. No I don't have any new wisdom or insights. Stayed up to watch Inception on HBO last night. Wasn't as good as in the theater or the first time but with a mind blowing fast paced movie like that the additional viewing allows you to make connections with some details that got by you the first time. It's been a good ride and I'm loving photography more and more. Glad that some of these images do something for you. This one was a different treatment of same image that I published earlier in the year. This one incorporates infrared film effects.
Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch