January 2012

Same Place , New Year

01.31.2012 by Mark Forman
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Some images are fairly iconic. Lacking description you either know exactly or fairly well who the subject is or what their significance is. These monks on the Chinese Lunar New Year are the equivalent of the Salvation Army Santa's in the west. Later on he struck up a conversation with me (in Chinese which I […]


Lukang- A Cultural Treasure

01.26.2012 by Mark Forman
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Over 20 years ago when I first came to Taiwan I was living in the main city Taipei. It was quite a trying time for me and Taipei: I was going through culture shock-moving from the US to an Asian emerging nation and also from a small city-Tucson to a much larger city: Taipei. Taipei […]


Year of the Dragon

01.22.2012 by Mark Forman
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So this year the 2nd New Year holiday rolls around early-got to love the Lunar calendar and it's 24 stages. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. May you all find your muse and rock it! The Rolling Stones - Moonlight Mile Did you ever notice the lovely Chinese melody and feel of this great song […]


I Need a Catwalk

01.18.2012 by Mark Forman
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I was feeling the color and edge...a little bit of cold steel...keeping fire held at bay Jimmy Smith Quartet - The Cat


Feeling Epic

01.16.2012 by Mark Forman
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Walking in the "Land of the Giants." Amazing what crouching can do for your street photo perspective. Freda Payne - Band Of Gold


The Swimsuit Competition

01.12.2012 by Mark Forman
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There's always only one winner...but many attractive non-contestants...Like R.E.M. said, "Life's Rich Pageant." Iggy pop-The Idiot-Dum Dum Boys



01.11.2012 by Mark Forman
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[pe2-gallery class="alignleft" ] [/pe2-gallery] First there was nothing, then a blur or a concept. It clarified and then dissolved back into the thin air it came from. Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk


Like the Color of Her Lips…

01.06.2012 by Mark Forman
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Like that famous starlet from the 40's that you stole a glance of...then vanished. Orson Welles and Hitchock both would have noticed... Without Your Love - Billie Holiday ft. Lester Young


Tainted by Heavy Metal

01.05.2012 by Mark Forman
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[pe2-gallery class="alignleft" ] [/pe2-gallery] Well I feel I got off to a rocking start to the New Years with some inspired photography(generally par for the course)-meaning I'm usually inspired, but don't always inspire... 😀 I've decided to pull out the stops a little more with my post processing and continue to experiment with different effects and […]


Ring in the New!

01.01.2012 by Mark Forman
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Here in Taiwan it's already over 7 hours into Twenty Twelve. No I don't have any new wisdom or insights. Stayed up to watch Inception on HBO last night. Wasn't as good as in the theater or the first time but with a mind blowing fast paced movie like that the additional viewing allows you […]