Point it Out For Me

Point It Out For Me

Had the urge to listen to the Jesus and Mary Chain earlier...While listening was reminded how much they sound like the Beach Boys meet the Velvet Underground...or the Beach Boys on heroin or... When I first moved to Taiwan they were a regular favorite along with New Order and Echo and the Bunnymen. The cassette tapes (yes I said cassettes) were only about $3 new. Random thought with a photo for the day...

Jesus and Mary Chain-Taste the Floor

Marathon Man


Geometry and composition. Is it something I think about a lot? Definitely-more and more. The human eye understands it and feels comfortable with it. It's telling the eye in a split second that you'll like it here... When I was composing the shot I didn't see all the geometric elements-probably just the triangles of the stairs and the lead line of the banister. I trust that my mind also saw the rectangles of the upper tiles and diamonds of the lower tiles as well as the circle the runner is running around.