October 2011

Circle in the Square

10.28.2011 by Mark Forman
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Sometimes you come across a great natural frame for your shot-well sometimes the frame makes the shot. If you really have good luck and timing you get great frame and scene together...I had good luck and timing here. Yes-Roundabout(Live Acoustic)  


Can El Sol Come Out and Play Today?

10.26.2011 by Mark Forman
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From time to time I love walking through the nearby rice fields and farmhouses. It instantly helps me release stress and I begin to enjoy the simplicity and serenity of the environment. I also love the fragrance of the growing grain. I also like the contrast between the man-made and the natural. Jimmy Cliff-I Can See Clearly Now



10.22.2011 by Mark Forman
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Let your eyes walk with me into a strange and geometric land... Tony Williams Lifetime with Allan Holdsworth-Live


Ka Ching

10.18.2011 by Mark Forman
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One of my favorite elements of markets is that you'll always find one or two characters working their "shtick" on the crowd. Attempting to engage the crowd and stand out from all their competitors. Today it was this guy-selling ceramic table ware. Led Zeppelin-Ramble On

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Textured Lines and Dots

10.14.2011 by Mark Forman
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Still hanging out with new 28 mm lens friend gave me. This is one of the early geometric shots I did with it. Got to say that I'm liking it. Partial to M42 lenses-good optics,excellent build quality:machined metal case and components. I'm sure you mostly care about the image though... Keith Jarrett-The Köln Concert