September 2011

Not Gonna Be Your Super Hero

09.30.2011 by Mark Forman
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  Today in some comments on G+ one person made the statement about how my image really conveyed something special (not this one, but I feel this is another good example) because of the eye contact and how eyes are truly the gateway to the soul. That is so true and it is almost narcotic when I get good eye contact from a candid subject. […]


Gee Plus

09.28.2011 by Mark Forman
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  I've been spending most of my photo sharing and social media interaction time on Google Plus these days. In the last couple of days Google has added circle sharing to the mix and my follower count instantly quintupled. no I don't care about high school-like popularity contests of who has the most followers. I […]


The Man Makes the Hat

09.22.2011 by Mark Forman
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Someone said this shot reminds them of Jack Lemmon...I can see that. I think I achieved in capturing some of the man's humanity. Hope you can feel that. Robert Wyatt-Shipbuilding


Fake Plastic Trees

09.20.2011 by Mark Forman
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Yes I know it's a Radiohead title..but these were literally fake plastic trees-Sakura(Cherry Blossom) to be specific... Otis Redding-Fa Fa Fa


The Birds

09.16.2011 by Mark Forman
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It was at the end of a good photo walk. This one was probably 2.5 hours long with most of that time spent on walking. Almost back home and stopping by a favorite nearby park. This toy vendor asked me if I spoke Chinese-I replied in the affirmative. He then began to put on a demo show […]



09.14.2011 by Mark Forman
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A street photographer is captivated by faces and facial expressions. We are always hoping to capture one with edge or extra gravity. Every picture tells a story... Thin Lizzy-Jailbreak


Trading Places

09.10.2011 by Mark Forman
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Saw the real scooter and driver  sitting perfectly next to the one on the bus so quickly got into good shooting position we are XD. Danny Gatton-Harlem Nocturne For those who don't know Danny was an awesome guitar talent who's life sadly ended way to early.  


Mr. Lucky

09.09.2011 by Mark Forman
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I haven't smoked in years(pats self on back) but there is still nothing cooler (well maybe there is) than smoking street shot... John Lee Hooker-Mr. Lucky PS:If you're not on Google+ yet let me know if you need an invite and let's interact there.  


Still Such a Long Way to Go

09.07.2011 by Mark Forman
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I hadn't used my 28mm lens in a while-it's a wide angle for those that are interested. What that means to those who don't know is that the the focal plane (the perspective you see in frame) is wide. I fall in and out of love with all my lenses. I rotate through them. They […]


Little Ones

09.06.2011 by Mark Forman
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Different lenses react differently to light and the lack thereof. One of the things I like about this lens is the pretty blurring or light trails it renders in the presence of lower light. Brian Eno-In Dark Trees