August 2011

Tres Amigas

08.30.2011 by Mark Forman
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Three ladies off to do their afternoon marketing... The Pointer Sisters-Fire


Really Forrest?

08.19.2011 by Mark Forman
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Taken in the main bus station here in Taichung, Taiwan; it just seemed kind of surreal-hence the title. Sonny Landreth with Eric Clapton-Promised Land


A Long Night

08.17.2011 by Mark Forman
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We've all had them... This lady is probably feeling the effect of a night of partying at the KTV(Karaoke suites). Billie Holiday & Lester Young-This Years Kisses


Feeding ‘Em

08.10.2011 by Mark Forman
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I'm guessing he was feeding pigeons,even though I didn't see any around while he was throwing out rice. Could be practicing throwing rice for a wedding, but don't think they do that here in Taiwan, and if they did it'd probably be uncooked rice... Magazine-The Light Pours Out of Me


Pulling the Strings

08.07.2011 by Mark Forman
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This older man rocking the coolie hat (douli hat) with a golf shirt. A bit of contrast with the usual rice field or physical labor application. Shot at ShuiNan Market-Taichung, Taiwan. Hank Jones-On Green Dolphin Street


Race Ya!

08.04.2011 by Mark Forman
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I was attracted to this shot for many reasons. Hope you like it for whatever reason... Been spending a bit of time over at Google Plus and sharing some different photos there too. You can add me here. The Crusaders-Chain Reaction