May 2011

Billy Red Hat

05.31.2011 by Mark Forman
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OK-I doubt this guy is called Billy...who knows though, maybe Bill Lee? However, he caught my eye for several reasons-rocking the red hat, the Hawaiian shirts, his lively unpretentious manner...He actually reminds me of a Chinese Red Buttons... Fever Ray-The Wolf


Passing Through Pixel Territory

05.30.2011 by Mark Forman
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Yeah I mostly shoot people-that's right. Why? Well people are the most consistently fascinating subject and the most readily available without running the risk of being too repetitious. How many times can you shoot teh same building or styreet corner without becoming really boring. Sure a handful of photographers can stretch that a bit but I like the freshness of […]


Pair of Jacks, King High

05.29.2011 by Mark Forman
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This past week I've been doing little shooting due to rainy weather or having a head cold. Finally, yesterday was partly, sunny but with good tail of a nearby-typhoon winds whipping around. Made it fun and challenging as the market booths were blowing up and down and some went chasing after their hats. These "jacks" weren't wearing hats exposing their shaved […]


Ever Walking, Never Arriving

05.28.2011 by Mark Forman
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This is the 2nd time I've shot at local government building downtown. This is actually the first time I've shot this neighboring building and companion sculpture. It's a fun angle and plays some good eye tricks I think. This is probably the best looking government building in town by virtue of this wall sculpture. We like things to look […]


Snake is Moving

05.27.2011 by Mark Forman
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When I spotted TaiChi man by the lake I was quite happy. I love watching the forms, lines, and motions of people practicing TaiChi. This guy had the addition of wearing traditional Chinese robe style clothing and being next to dock by Taiwan's prettiest lake. The rest is for your eyes and minds to decide on. Deep Purple-Smoke on […]


Lone Boatman

05.26.2011 by Mark Forman
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I recently had the privilege of staying a few days at one of Taiwan's best known natural(tourist) attractions: Sun Moon Lake. I had been there many times before but never stayed over night there so never had the opportunity to do some break of dawn shots. It's a wonderful place to clear your head and get some quiet time to reflect, […]


Wearing Color Like Nobody’s Business

05.19.2011 by Mark Forman
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Color vs. Black and White. I'm always thinking about this dynamic. Here are my most recent thoughts. In this image obviously there are some strong and fairly complimentary colors so it is a no brainer. If there were many colors in the background that might distract from the subject, maybe I'd do a bW conversion. If the subject not […]


V for

05.17.2011 by Mark Forman
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Interesting day today. More rain so no shooting today. My hand feels empty without camera in it. Never sure what I'll record with it. It is a faithful tool becoming more and more obedient to my eye and hand coordination. Now only if my eye listened more closely to my muse... How about black and […]


Ever Walking, Never Arriving

05.16.2011 by Mark Forman
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Gonna try something new for a while. I'm going to post one image a post more often and actually blog a little bit more too. Lately here in central Taiwan we've been going through a minor dry spell. The last few days we've been getting some much needed rain. Yesterday, there was a brief window of cloudy but non-rainy […]


In the Shadows of…

05.05.2011 by Mark Forman
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Form the shadows to the light, from colors exploding to monochrome chilling. Mood after mood pick one then throw it away, pick another, then... Pick a fight...Pick a card... Weather Report-3rd Stone From the Sun