Discovering Japan


Shades Make the Man

Builds Dreams out of Carbohydrates

Better Watch Out For the Rake


All these images were taken in Taiwan. Japan used to be a colonizer here. There is kind of a love hate relationship but much more love. Japan did much good for Taiwan getting it started on its industrial course. Personally I have much love and respect for Japan and it's people. They are a very resilient lot and I know they'll suck it up and make their way through this series of tragic events. My heart and prayers are with them.

Graham Parker-Discovering Japan

That Was Fun-Oh What’s Your Name?

Alpha Centaurians Have Attitude

Keeping Hydrated While Hip

Frizzle Fry

You Know That's Super Super Girl

There was a discussion the other day on naming photographs-"how do you come up with the title?" There were various answers of course-mine was,"I vary between random association, colloquialisms, song titles,song lyrics, etc." On one photo judging group on FLickr I even had an image scored down because voter didn't like my title-thought that was a little harsh considering it's a photo judging group! :D

Anyhow-just some trivia for you to mull over before you order that next Mocha Latte Vente...



What’s Inside a Hotbox?

Taken While Committing Thought Crime

A-Bei How Ya Doing?

Well in this case it is a bunch of cool and not so cool photographs depending on your taste. Hotbox Uncensored is a voting group on Flickr that features some of Flickr's best photogs including Thomas Hawk-the guy that's determined to post 1,000,000 images to Flickr in  his lifetime. Hawk is one of the founders and admins of the group. If you haven't checked out Thomas' work you should-he is very prolific and eclectic. He also has a very high image quality standard and great compositional eye. Thomas is not the only bright spot in the group but just an easy target to site on. This is my first time participating in a voting group and it's been really educational. Here are 2 of my images that have made it into the archives of the saved. There is also a blog for the group here .If you have interest in participating in this group let me know and I'll send you an invite-yeah we have velvet ropes around the old Hotbox :D

801 -Tomorrow Never Knows