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Eye Liner

They Call Her Angel of the Morning

Pirate in a Former Life

I've read so many street photography blogs with opinions on how to shoot and not to shoot and not to ask permission and to ask permission. Well whatever-as usual everybody is right, and everybody is wrong! If it's outside of the ten commandments-make your own decision and do what works for you. I don't ask permission. Most people that know I shot them smile at me. I end up showing many of those the picture in the LCD screen of camera. Occasionally I'll run across someone who is adamant about not wanting to be shot and guess what? I'll respect their right to be left alone-not rocket science.

Helium-I saw this lady striding deliberately, obviously exercising with this radiant, beamming smile. I couldn't resist capturing a shadow of her. What wonderful lighter than air energy-hence :Helium

Eye Liner-Pretty girl, beautiful eyes,pink and pink leopard pattern on helmet-what do I need to explain. Oh mask framing those pretty eyes-got it? :D

They Call Her Angel of the Morning-Really sweet faced young lady standing at the bus station. She gave me a big smile after I shot her which I naturally returned.

Pirate in a Former Life-This lady was out in the park exercising with her friends on a cool gray day. She was also tickled that I chose to shoot her and smiled warmly. The mask she was wearing helped me make the pirate association-make sense? If not, pray for me :D

Iggy Pop-Blah, Blah, Blah