Ring in the New!

Devotion Puts Motion in the Ocean

A Jungle is a Dangerous Place

Light Saber Disconnect

Ant Problem

You're So Metro

Devotion Puts Motion in the Ocean-Some very special vibe/energy when people pray...

A Jungle is a Dangerous Place-better caption than "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!"??? :D

Light Saber Disconnect-Obviously not one of the Skywalkers...

Ant Problem-Don't you just hate ant problems?

You're So Metro-so bet he uses hair and skin products...

It's been a great year for me-hope it has for you too. Let's make next one even better!

Sly and the Family Stone-Dance to the Music

Picture Me This!

2 Bags ,1 Path

Biggie Smalls

Mickey's Ears All Around the World

Not Shy About Her Fear of Cameras

2 Bags, 1 Path-I'll never forget the first morning walking around shortly after arriving here in Taiwan and seeing little school kids in uniform with their dauntingly large book bags and their hats. My son is now part of that system (already in high school).

Biggie Smalls-The characters on the neon sign are: Top-大=Big, Bottom-小=Small. I do like the rapper-we share the same home town.

Mickey's Ears All Around the World-Brands stalk us like paparazzi! Can't go 2 steps without being surrounded by them.

Not Shy About Her Fear of Cameras-neither subject or photographer were injured in the production of this photo :D. She actually gave me a big smile-just a little camera shy.

Pink Floyd-See Emily Play This is one of my favs from their early psychedelic-pop days while Syd was still somewhat on earth.

Another Fine Mess You’ve Gotten Us In!

Into the Ether We Go

Having a Hair Moment

Hands on Hips Work Fingertips

The Mirror Never Lies-I Am the Fairest One of All!

Into the Ether We Go-A little bit of serendipity here. The Pentax 18-55 kit lens is really good for a kit lens just a little slow. In the early morning now-wintertime the light comes a little later. This shot caused shutter to drag just enough to provide that ghosty effect-yeah!

Having a Hair Moment-doesn't life offer a lot of different "moments'?

Hands on Hips Work Fingertips-love the stance of this older lady. She seems a little tired but totally capable of dealing with whatever comes her way.

The Mirror Never Lies-I am the Fairest of Them All-Ahh ladies and their materials, devices, wrappings. I'm in! :D

James White and the Blacks-Contort Yourself

Let’s Go Wide!

AM Duo

Lonely Wait Doubled

Suspect 30421

I just completed a monthly competition called Single in November-parameters were that we use only 1 lens (A.Schacht Travenar 90) and submit one image per day. I had a great time but  decided it would be nice to use a wide angle lens for a bit just to change things up. These were all shot with 18mm. It really messes with your head when you first change because you get used to standing back a bit with the telephoto lens and stand really close with the wide angle but still feel like you're in New Jersey taking pictures of NYC :).

When I had man and dog in the viewfinder-it felt like the dog was close enough to lick me.

I'm always an easy mark for nice reflection shot.

Just loved the background framing this old lady walking by.

A Tribe Called Quest-Scenario